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Please come and see the wonderful work we are doing. Come volunteer and interact with children that need your abilities!
Contact us

For those overseas travelers wanting to visit to the orphanage, please write an email to

If needed, someone can escort you from Lusaka to Kazembe

Fun facts

Zambia is located in southern Africa

From the Capital, Lusaka, to Kazembe is about 1000 kilometers!

How to get here

  • The Capital of Zambia is Lusaka. You will fly into the airport there.


  • There is only one way to get to the village of Kazembe, and that is either by car or bus. The bus is the simplest option. To get to the bus terminal just ask for the "Inter-city bus terminal". Any taxi driver should know where it is.


  • When you let us know your travel plans and dates we can book a ticket for you. Otherwise get to the bus station a day or two in advance to ensure a seat.

  • The bus leaves at 5 AM, and you should be there 30 to 60 minutes ahead of time.


  • Once you are there, you will have a few different bus lines to take. We recommend Juldan. They are familiar with Kazembe Orphanage and will be helpful.  Note that the bus station is full of people who "try" to help you to your destination. Keep your luggage close to you and stay on your course to the bus line you want. Trust no one!


  • The bus ride will cost about ZK.220 (@$30 one way). You might want to consider getting two seats as they are quite narrow.


  • The total time will be from 12 to 17 hours. It all depends on how many stops they make at every village to pick up passengers and the condition of the roads.


  • There are no toilets on the bus so make sure you avail yourself of facilities before boarding the bus. The bus will make a few stops during the trip when you can disembark and visit a restroom (or some bushes). Talk to the conductor to make sure it is an official stop before getting off so you aren't left behind.


  • Usual stops: First--Kabwe, Second -- Kapiri Mposhi, Third -- A t-junction intersection [look for people selling potatoes] (no bathrooms here), Fourth -- Mansa


  • When toilets are available a small fee of ZK.2 is charged. Be sure to bring your own toilet paper (though sometimes it is provided) and hand sanitizer.


  • During the three main stops you can get snacks such as, french fries (Chips) and chicken or maybe a sausage or meat pie where available.


  • You should arrive in Kazembe around 7 PM.


  • The bus will drop you in a small village that has one main dirt street with small shops on either side.


  • When you arrive, or get lost and need help, give us a call--0979-579-245 or 0979-318-463 and we can come pick you up. Our orphanage is a fifteen minute walk from the village center.

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How to Get Here
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