Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of those in need. Because children and youth are the hope of the future, we believe in investing in them by providing education, training and leadership.

As we supply instruction in values, morals and practical solutions, we will enhance the quality of their lives and give them the tools they need to succeed.


Johnny, our 15 year old orphan, is learning to do videos of our orphanage:


2021 FROM TOM & AMY:

After nearly 20 years of full-time mission work on the continent of Africa, we (with the counsel of board members and otherwise voices) have decided to take a sabbatical for 12 months.

This was not an easy decision because Terra Nova Children’s Home is our life and passion. Raising those children has been the greatest blessing. However, working for years in a remote location with very few breaks and very little solid Christian fellowship, has left us feeling burned out and depleted. This is not the best way to operate.  Continuing to try to pour out when your vessel is empty is a bad idea.

Amy’s health has also been suffering quite a bit over the last few years and we haven’t been able to get a solid diagnosis. Being stable in Texas for a while will allow time for doctors to get a handle on what’s going on and begin treatment.


On this side of the globe, we are loving being able to spend time with our children again (and the two grandchildren!), having them over for meals or just to hang out. For many years our time with them was rushed as we traveled around the country and the world. Now when they ask if they can come over we get to say 'yes!' When they need help with the new baby we can say, “I’ll be right over!”. This is incredibly life-giving and restorative.

We don’t know what the future holds, but thankfully, we know who holds the future and we are so grateful for His Love!